Life Is Like Art Without An Eraser. Watch What You Draw
From my Facebook Fan page. A black teen in high school residing in Chicago is on the verge of discovering a potential cure for colon cancer. He is the lead scientist in this development at 17 years old. There is news happening in Chicago outside of the mass killings. Love.
Its been 2 weeks since this project dropped. People are calling it a classic. Im calling it a diary over the past 2 years. I recorded it in 3 months. Coulda been 3 days if I was locked in the studio. I spoke to my attorney yesterday and he said you gotta do MORE for the core followers. So Im looking to start a 3 day weekly series… A written poem every tuesday on a piece of art. A video freestyle every friday and a recap every Sunday. I realize that I inspire so many people and without yall i wouldnt be here. My indiegogo is doing really well. We’ll prolly tap out at 1k which is cool. I can pay for one video with that and fund Still Better Than You and 13th Disciple. So 4 videos in total STILL! I just want yall to know I appreciate yall. L.L.L.II is dropping before the Album which Im hoping has an October 14th date. Cross your fingers! And L.L.L.II is a concept project. Time to invigorate the true spirit of creativity and not create music JUST for the dollar as French Montana so cleverly stated how lyricists are broke from ny. Being rich financially and rich morally are two different wealths. Rockefeller was rich financially but the great minds and people who were rich in other areas are martyrs, dignitaries, inspirers and true artifacts of culture! Continue to share my mixtape on datpiff and my indiegogo is still available for donations. 

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Man Im blessed. God has done so much for me. I am still trying to comprehend how he shows me so much mercy. 

13th disciple & Sacrifice on repeat
Good afternoon.
Grind never stops.
Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.
How can you judge someone when you aren’t at the top of your class in what your doing? Goodness!
Wow. Good Morning.
Birthplace of Hip Hop. Im so bronx!
Drink Up.
Start the hashtagging for my next project.
Mau2e. Create.