Life Is Like Art Without An Eraser. Watch What You Draw
The reason the 90’s was so amazing was because every facet of Hip Hop was able to be on the radio. All of the heavy hitters from 1990 to 2000 were pretty much prevalent. We had our one hit wonders, we had our lyrical guys, creative artistic guys, political guys, partiers, dancers… It was all equal opportunity. Then…….
Studio. Work. Life. Mickey.
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I rep New York. 
No games.
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Powerful Photo. Wow.
One of the few emcee’s Im petrified of, a good friend and introvert like myself, 2009 freshman cover partner… Blu @herfavcolorblu
Apartment at The Trump I only slept in once. #atlanticcity #uniqlousa #uniqlo
This can mean so much.
Its their life persevere.
They got tanned like that.
Don’t want their phones to get wet. 
Great observation.
Cooling #mashfest