Life Is Like Art Without An Eraser. Watch What You Draw
Junkyard Dog. #uniqlo #uniqlousa #keithharing @uniqlousa
In 2011, I made it into Twista’s top 5 dead or alive lyricists. I can’t even elaborate to you the numbness I experienced reading this. He rapped with Jay-Z bruh.
I don’t care about any of the insults people make of him, or how they criticize his mishaps, he will always be my favorite basketball player. He defied odds like most of us on a continuous basis and he was someone I looked up to as a kid. Shawn Kemp. My basketball hero. Reign on playa… Reign on.
Stuuuuudiooooooo with @saralondonmusic #uniqlo #uniqlousa @uniqlousa
MTV Review.
Been growing the beard for a reason… Mau2e
G.O.A.T. Status. #tbt
What it feels like…… To be a HUXTABLE! 

740 Park Avenue is still available for download!
Empty the Trash you Have.