Life Is Like Art Without An Eraser. Watch What You Draw
#lovelustlost2 dropping before I hit the road.
RIP Robin Williams & Chuck Jones.
Chuck Jones Exhibit at The Museum of the Moving Image.
Snow White
#uncleduties #lauren #iloveher
Phone meetings in the middle of photo shoots in The Black Apple. Photo credit to @pristinefinesse
My soundcloud got something nice for u. Check the bio!
For Love.Lust.Lost.II, I hired an artist to curate EVERY song off the upcoming love opus. His name is Mukhtar Kaissi @mukaissi1 and he is a super talented artist attending UCLA. This is a PORTION of the upcoming track Mal-Functioning. #art #lovelustlost2
I cant do bad..
Im MJ… They tryna say I cant do BAD! 
#TheRedOrBluePillTour to a city near you
Good Afternoon.
Real life Super Villains.
Charles Manson as The Joker.